Japanorama Online Slot


Konnichiwa! Inspired by the popular culture of the land of the rising sun, Japan-O-Rama captures the vibrant offbeat nature of the Japanese. The flashy slot features ancient cultural icons such as Katana swords, Sumo Wrestlers, Geisha and Ninjas as well as Modern day representations like Anime, Video games, Cell Phones, the Bullet Train, and a giant lizard that likes to stomp down Tokyo.

The bonus rounds let you try the infamous game of Pachinko. The Pachinko machine is a classic form of gambling in Japan, not unlike slot machines in the West. Fire tiny balls to the top of the machine and watch them trickle down hundreds of pins into different scoring zones. Japan-O-Rama features 3 of these machines, each with different Japanese backgrounds.

Kitsu Katsu in Japanese means 'Good Luck' and the Kit Kat chocolate bar is one source of that luck. So why not grab your lucky Kit Kat and get ready to play Japanorama at the sweetest casino online -- Cocoa Casino!


Japan-O-Rama was released on December 21, 2010 just in time for Christmas. You can play this incredible new game by downloading the casino or by entering our No Download Casino!