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Find your Lucky Numbers

For certain games in the casino like our keno games, you'll be able to place bets on the numbers you choose. But how do you decide which numbers to choose? Well, if you don't already have a set of lucky keno numbers, use our lucky number generator to pick lucky numbers for you!

Generate your Lucky Numbers!



There are two boxes: the first for the lowest number to generate; the second for the highest. If you want to generate lucky keno numbers for example, there are 80 different numbers on the board so you'll want to set the maximum number at 80 (default is set at 100).

Make sure to write down your lucky numbers as you generate them so you don't forget them when playing.

That's all there is to it! Simply click generate now to get your first lucky number!

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lucky numbers


If you play the lottery as well as casino games, feel free to use the Cocoa Casino lucky number generator to generate daily and weekly numbers. It's like selecting "Quick Picks"!

Disclaimer: Our free lucky number generator is provided as is. We don't provide any guarantees or warranty as to the degree of randomness. We can not guarantee wins with randomly generated numbers but wins are possible.