Major Moolah Progressive Slot


Play Major Moolah progressive slot at Cocoa Casino and win a jackpot that could change your life. This is the first Rival progressive jackpot released to casino players in US and the world.

Major Moolah is a three reel, 1 payline, 3 coin slot machine. The Maximum payout (Jackpot) will only pay when all 3 coins are in play (Maximum Bet). Major Moolah does not use any wild symbols.


The number of credits that are won is dependent on the bet amount as well as the winning combination on the payline once the Reels have stopped spinning.

Playing Maximum Bet, and hitting 3 Jackpot symbols will pay out the progressive jackpot amount calculated at the instant that the win is triggered. This amount will be at least the amount shown on screen in the "Jackpot" area and paid as a dollar amount. Once a player wins the progressive jackpot, the jackpot amount will be returned to a base starting amount for all users, and it will begin to increment again.


Combination: Coin 1: Coin 2: Coin 3:
Three Jackpot Symbols 750 1500 Jackpot
Three Coin Symbols 200 400 600
Three Red Seven Symbols 100 200 300
Three White Seven Symbols 80 160 240
Three Blue Seven Symbols 60 120 180
Three Triple Bar Symbols 40 80 120
Three Double Bar Symbols 30 60 90
Three Single Bar Symbols 20 40 60
Any Three Seven Symbols 10 20 30
Any Three Bar Symbols 5 10 20
Any Two Coin Symbols 6 12 18
Any One Coin Symbols 1 2 3