One Million Reels BC Slot


One Million Reels BC progressive slot at Cocoa Casino and win a jackpot larger than life.

One Million Reels BC is a 5 reel, 5 payline, 3 coin Slot game. One Million Reels BC icons: one wild icon.

Note: You may wager 1 line up to 5 lines. Simply click on the Select Lines button to enable multiple paylines. You will only be paid on winning combinations for enabled paylines, except for the Scatter Icon(s).


The T-Rex icon is wild. This icon will substitute for any other symbol to form winning combinations, other than the . This icon must appear on an enabled payline to complete the combination.


All winning combinations pay Left to Right, except Scatters which pay on any of the five Reels. The number of credits that are won is dependent on the bet amount as well as the winning combinations once the Reels have stopped spinning.

The winning combinations symbols must line up next to one another on an enabled Payline. At least one of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel. If a symbol is not on the first Reel then the combination does not count and it will not payout.

The paytable shows how many credits are won for each winning combination. The amount of coins won is dependent on two factors:

  • 1. The coin size bet and the number of credits bet
  • 2. Number of coins that were bet per Payline

The win amount is determined by the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits bet per payline.

This does not include Scatters. Scatters do not need to appear on an enabled payline for them to count. They can appear on any of the 5 Reels.


Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the symbol combination payout by the total number of credits wagered.

The win amount is determined by the number of coins won multiplied by the number of credits wagered per payline.

The coins that are won in the bonus rounds are related exclusively to the number of credits you had originally when the bonus round was triggered.


Combination: Coin 1: Coin 2: Coin 3:
Three T-Rex Jackpot Symbols 1000 2000 Jackpot
Three Cavewoman Symbols 300 600 900
Three Caveman Symbols 150 300 450
Three Big White Egg Symbols 100 200 300
Three Medium Blue Egg Symbols 50 100 150
Three Small Cream Egg Symbols 10 20 30
Any Three Egg Symbols 5 10 15

Note: T-Rex icon is Wild with a 2x multiplier. Get 2 icons for a 4x multiplier!