The Cocoa Prestige System

We feel that all of our players are important and thus we want to award you accordingly.

We have developed a system in which players gain increasing levels of PRESTIGE at the casino and "UNLOCK" special casino features as early as their first deposit! As a player continues to deposit at the casino the Features they can unlock become increasingly fantastic and existing perks even get upgraded!

Please see below for a complete list of PRESTIGE levels as well as some of the Features that can be unlocked/upgraded.

The VIP Club Perks

VIP Club Level Unlimited Bonus % New Game Bonus Free Fridays Daily Bonus % Weekly Cashback % Comp Points
100% $100 $100 100% 50% 5 to 1
Credit Card
40% $125 $25 100% 25% 2 to 1
20% $5 $5 100% 10% 1 to 1


Simply make your first deposit today to get automatically enrolled in the most rewarding Casino VIP Club online!